Keep my mom in your thoughts that she will finally stop smoking

It has been something that I am have been fighting with my mom about since I was 10. My sister and I have begged her to stop smoking and she will just not listen.I have never smoked so I do not understand exactly how hard it is to stop, but my husband was a smoker when we first got together and I told him that I would not marry a smoker.

She is currently on a breathing treatment and has been having a hard go of it to say the least. My husband has been trying to help her so she can be healthy but he also knows I will be devastated if something happened to her. My grandparents stopped smoking at 65 and yet my nana suffered from COPD and passed away last year from it.

She always says she is too stressed out to stop or some other reason why she cannot stop and I am running out of things to tell her and feel kind of helpless, especially when she cannot walk a few feet without stopping to catch her breath. She is so stubborn :( She has some tests to do next week to check out her lungs and I hope that they do not find anything. Has anyone else had a hard time trying to stop smoking themselves or know someone who has?

    8Theresa Gould
    So sorry you are going through this. Both my parents stopped. They both tried to quit at different times but were never successful. My dad died of lung and brain cancer at the young age of 56 (almost 57) in 2006. My mom is now 64 and is still smoking. I agree with Meg that they have to want to stop.

    Leah, at least your grandfather chose a relatively harmless new habit and was able to quit like that.
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