My baby Had Blood in his poop!!!

When I first discovered blood in my first borns poop, I nearly lost my mind!!! Surely he was bleeding internally… surely I was seeing some precursor to disaster… When I called my pediatrician in full panic mode, he was so calm it almost made my anxiety worse… He asked me one simple question: Is my son in pain?

I looked over at him, staring at the wall hanging, giggling and playing with his toes and told him no… The Doctor told me to watch him and how much and color, etc...

SIde note to new moms: DO NOT GOOGLE THIS!

Besides a babies poop being all sorts of wrong… I mean the colors that I saw were new and fascinating… But red was a scary one. After a check-up with my Doctor… to make sure… and yes, some of you that know this story may remember that I went a little cray cray and actually… froze a poopy diaper to SHOW the Doctor exactly what was going on ( I never gave it to him… as I realized that I was on the edge)… But it turned out to be nothing more than a little intestinal agitation from a very new digestive system (phew) and cleared up by the time he was 8 months old.. 

The warnings however are: Dark, streaked and mixed in with the… poo.

I'm glad this passed (no pun intended) but it sure did freak me out and I'm glad that my son won't remember, because I was so up in his business, poor kid... 

Anyone else? Any weird baby issues that turned out to be nothing??

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    8Theresa Gould
    Blood in stool would be scary. I don't think we had that happen much with our children. Google can make a scary situation more scary! I love Google but there is a limit I think.

    I know with my first I was all concerned about her "acne" but I cannot think of anything else right now.
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