I hate Guilt... Parental guilt is one thing, but I'm used to that... There is a constant list of things I should be doing.. From the 7 "jobs" I have to emailing to target to calling a friend... I always feel behind.. always.. and I hate it...

A good friend hired me to do some marketing... and I'm behind. I took on too much, but needed the money and in my perfect head, I had it all figured out, but then the days go by so fast and all of a sudden it's 2 and I have to get my kids and then I can get about an hour in once they're home and then.. blah blah.. .

The guilt comes from knowing that I could do better. I could do more. I SHOULD put kids to bed and get right back to work, but I'm so exhausted I end up doing dishes and then watching a show and then.. I just can't...

I hate it... So, off I go... I must get it done... And it's a friend.. shit.. I don't want to let her down... crap, crap, crap...

    Jessica, take a break! We are all in such crap all time, but it's not the reason to feel guilty! You're don't have to be perfect - you are cool as you are).
      PHEW! Thank you, thank you... I did what I could and it wasn't enough, but it was a first week at something I have NEVER done. and I told my friend, look.. This is what I was able to do, we can give me time with the learning curve... or not. it's like a sales/marketing thing.. .NOT up my alley, but I'm willing to try..

      But you're all so right. I am so the YES person and then I have a constant feeling of worry that I may let someone down.. But, I have to realize that no one is going to NOT like me or be my friend because of it.. It's so strange to me how we can do that..
      I should just say no all together.. Shit.. My energy on it would be used on my writing...

      THANK YOU!!!!
        8Theresa Gould
        Glad it worked out for you.

        I've been working on not taking on more work than I can handle, it's been a learning curve to figure out how much is enough, but I also hate that guilty feeling and rushing a job instead of doing my best.
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