Would You Let Your Child Ride On A Motorcycle?

Before you answer this... and I know.. I know... My immediate reaction would be a "Hello no!"...

A little girl in California was riding on the back of her mom's boyfriend Harley, when a truck in front of them did an unexpected U-Turn and the Harley Laid down and the little girl died.

I have to be honest. When I read the headline of the story, I went straight to thinking of some white-trash town with some white trash drivers, probably drunk with tobacco breath that clearly had a baby by accident and shares a trailer with shady characters. I did. I went right to there. Like some judgy person.. But you here kid on a motorcycle and you think... WHO DOES THAT?

Then I read the story and the quotes from the members involved and these are regular, decent people. The moms Boyfriend... Not trash at all. Actually an ex-marine and all around good guy, the kids birth dad? Ex marine also, friends with the boyfriend.. The mom? At work, her boyfriend active in the home... all is well... The motorcycle?

Well, here is where I get stuck.. Look for me... not a chance, but there are TONS of people that have and have grown up with and riding on all sorts of rides... Motorcycles to some are a way of life.. My kids dad was driving a dirt bike in North Carolina at the age of 7... no biggie right?

Everything about the the accident is tragic. Not one of them did anything illegally.. The little girl was of age and height to ride legally on the Harley... The truck that did the Uturn? Did it where it was in the safe zone.

This was a total tragic accident. Awful and heartbreaking. But, I'm ashamed of myself that I immediately went to judge them... That I could do better... But truth is.. I can't.. She could have grown up riding on that Harley and be fine...

Different life styles...

Theres a dad that picks up his 3rd grader every day at out school on a motorcycle. She's got a cute pink helmut and they are totally adorable driving away... And I think "man.. I don't know that I'd be okay with that if that was my kid"... But why not? Why? Yes.. Motorcycles are uber dangerous, but he's not going 60 on the highway, he's on side streets, going 15 miles... at the most... They're safer than I am JAYWALKING my kids across the street.. Yep.. I cross the street illegally with my kids every day!!!! I know.. I KNOW... we all do it... and I judge myself...

SO,... my question is this... really think about it.. I'm from California... It's different here... My kids dad from NC and rode tractors.. my boyfriend is from East Coast and made cars from debris and raced them down "death hill"..

Am I really that granola, hippy isn? LOL...

Tell me!!!!​

    8Theresa Gould
    My gut says no....but yet I want them to experience life. My husband had a motorcycle when he was younger before we ever met so I can see him helping any of our children with learning to drive, safety, etc.

    What a tragic accident though....:(
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