He and she relationships

​About a year ago my husband and I quarreled, it was a silly quarrel over trifles but we have told each other a lot of nasty things. Resentment was so strong that we did not talk for 2 weeks and even thought about the divorce. We were saved by the fact that my husband had left home for one week and we had time to think. I was very nervous, even lose a few pounds. When my husband came back I was afraid that he would say that this is the end, but it did not happen, he just hugged me and said: "I have the wife, and I do not need another". Now we are ok and we treat each other carefuly. My mom says that all families go through this, that it was a crisis in the relationship and that there are families who have the strength to survive this crisis and move on, and there are families that break up due to normal household difficulties. One thing I can say - TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER!!!!!!!!

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    It's hard to bounce back from painful words. They hurt.

    I'm happily divorced so a lot of people think I'm NOT someone who should be dishing out marital advice.. lol.. But, I think it's the opposite.. I've got Hindsight and retrospect. I KNOW what I did wrong and what I should have done differently and vice versa. But shoulda woulda coulda... I have NO regrets. None. ZERO.

    Relationships are hard.

    Every day. You have to CHOOSE to be in one and make it right. Every day you choose and you and your husband chose to turn towards one another rather than away. Good for you... :)
      8Theresa Gould
      All relationships have their ups and downs, I agree. So glad you were able to work things out. I think forgiveness and commitment are very important in a marriage or any relationship for that matter.