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Recently, I read an article in the Internet about the harmfulness of food additives. For example, some supplements can bind vitamins or valuable components of protein - that is actually removing them from the body. In addition, some supplements can cause allergies. To write about food additives I don't want to, but the food additives that are harmful to children, I wrote out (this is my crib)))))) and now before buying a product first I look in this crib. I want to share it with you: E-102; E-104; E-127; E-128; E-140; E-153; E-154: E-155; E-171; E 200-240; E 249-252; E 260-264; E 280-283; E 620-625; E-916; E-917; E-952; E-954. It's certainly not a complete list, but the most basic I wrote out.

    8Theresa Gould
    We try to steer clear of food additives and dyes too. They don't know the long term affects of so much of the stuff that is put in food. Kind of scary. I didn't know the codes were for dyes.