It's official....unemployed

My husband is officially done work. Well, he was done on Friday or Monday but his boss hired him the past 2-3 days to help him pack up the rest of the store. It's kind of bittersweet.

Right now I am feeling ok about it. At least it's a better place than I was in a few weeks ago. Guess because I've had enough work to know we are ok right now financially. Ask me in a month and that may change!

I feel a keen sense of responsibility to make more money. We could really use my husband at home to catch up on things around the farm (fencing, new coops, fall clean up, fall tilling and fertilizing etc.​) So I am hoping we can least have him home a month or two home while he's looking for work. But we'll see.

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
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    8Theresa Gould
    Wow, Mara, that's great. It's just that we've been here before and it took him 20 months to find a job and he took a pay cut in HALF. :( That's why I work now.

    Here's to hoping this time is better.
      8Theresa Gould
      Thanks, ladies.
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