Being the home where all the kids hang...

I always wanted to have the home where all of my kids friends would come over and hang out... Wish granted... and as much as I Love being that home and all the kids calling me by my name and fist bumping with me, I've noticed as they get older, the less mess they make but the more the EAT... I swear I just stocked up on snacks yesterday and with five kids throughout two days, I'm left with a bag of wheat thins...

I've gotta put limits on it I think... One snack... that's it... I'm not here to feed them... lol.. nor can I afford to...

But I still like everyone here... sometimes...​

    8Theresa Gould
    My mom always welcomed our friends in our home (I have three younger sisters). My parents were very hospitable and we kind of had a revolving door of people in and out. I always wanted to be like that too but I fear we are too different for most as it never really happened, though we had neighborhood kids who came by that trickled away after awhile in our townhouse subdivision. I think kids probably asked their parents to homeschool them! lol! No, I don't know. I also got busier so maybe I came across as less receiving.

    I don't remember my mom ever saying anything about food disappearing but I am sure she thought it!

    Now, I fear we never have enough when we have company because our family eats so much and then figuring out how much more to add to that is tricky sometimes.

    For the most part, I love hosting events etc. but I prefer the parents be present so the responsibility of their kids falls on them not me. I already have my hands full of responsibility.
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