Son says he doesn't like daddy :(

My little guy came home from school yesterday and during dinner he looks at my husband and says "Daddy I don't like you, your not my friend anymore" we were floored I mean they have never had any issues before and we could not figure out where this was coming from.

My husband looked beyond hurt but was also wondering where this was coming from. So we asked him why and he said dads are mean and that there is a little boy in his class that is one of his best friends and he says all dads are mean and his dad yells at him and hits him.

Now in our home yes we do believe in spanking, but it happens so few and far between. The kids have to do something really really out of line to get one. For example, we were in the kitchen and my son was 4 and he wanted soda and not water (it was such a fight to get him to drink water) the glass we gave him with water he didn't want it and threw the glass down breaking it.

We always make sure to explain to them why they are getting a spanking and once the tears stop and time out is over we give them and hug and let them know that we still love them and want them to make the best choices. I think it is just that his little friends dad may not be the best or he just may be mad at his dad or they may approach punishment differently I don't know but it is something we are not sure how to approach it any other way aside from saying daddy loves him very much and is not mean and only wants to do whats best for him and that not all daddys' are the same. Has this happened to you? How did you approach it?

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    We've never experienced it quite like this, just like the mom thread where a child says, "I don't love you, daddy" when they are mad about not getting their way. I hope you figure it out and that your son realizes his own dad isn't mean and that all dads are very different, some good and some bad, unfortunately. :(
      I had a chance to speak with my son's teacher about this and from what she says the little boys dad has had some anger issues in the pass according to the mom. She could not say much, but she said others are looking into it, so I hope that little boy will be okay. My husband is glad for the Labor Day weekend as it will give him a chance to spend some guy time with the little man.
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