I don't want to do ANYTHING today!

Usually my morning routine is in stone... but today... I got home after taking kids to school and I truly want to NOT DO ANYTHING.... I'm unusually tired... I didn't sleep well, it was SO hot... I woke up in sweats every couple of hours (our ac is only in common living areas)...

But I walked in and thought harumph... totally unmotivated... I don't care about the breakfast dishes or the wrapping paper on the floor from my sons bday yesterday... etc... Ugh...

Anyone else feel this way sometimes... How do you shake it off?​

    8Theresa Gould
    That was my day yesterday. I didn't get around to my work until evening. I just needed time to do nothing. I think it was partly because I was up at 2am and really didn't go back to sleep (house was too noisy!) and I was really tired.
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