What time of year is best for delivery?

Hi, experienced moms! My husband and I are planning a child the next year — and I want to calculate the date of conceiving  to guess the best time of the year for delivery. I mean the time when the delivery will be easier, and the best time for child to have a birthday ...  alot of factors to think about :)

Please, share your experience, what time of year you gave birth? Many thanks for your advices!

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      I was 9 months pregnant in August - in California... in the valley .. it was 104 and walking to get the mail was exhausting and my ankles were melons after...
      MY second was a February Baby... Which was prefect... I was getting uncomfortable around the Holiday time and new year... when there was a lot of eating allowed and watching movies on rainy days and I was less puffy at work...

      So,... I think spring babies are the way to go... Depends on where you live maybe...
        I love hearing these! Because to be honest.. typically you don't have too much of a say when the baby comes or when it all happens :) I am actually due in the beginning of February, here in Ohio.. to be honest, I am pumped. Jan-Feb are always dreary and grey months here.. times when we like to be inside and cozy, waiting on Spring to arrive - so having a new addition keep us company might be just the thing! :)
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          I don't think you can plan the time of day or the day of the week unless you schedule a c-section. I've had babies in February, March, April, June, August (worst!) and September. I can't say which season was better, but summer was kind of the worst with all the heat. Good luck on planning and conceiving! How exciting for you both!
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