"Breakfast" Confession.

This is what I've eaten so far today; it's not even noon yet. Don't judge me.

Bacon, my son's left over hash brown from his Birthday breakfast that was so cold, I literally peeled it from the plate, 2 cupcakes; one vanilla, one chocolate, icing, 5 hot tamales, sweet tea, three cups of coffee with vanilla ice cream in it because I'm out of milk, some pirate booty, almonds and a mini carrot stick while packing lunches this morning.

I have full intentions of dipping a celery stick in some hummus but that's unlikely to actually happen...

Oh and about 4 sour patch kids as I placed them onto the cupcakes to take to my sons school. quality control really. ​

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      Jessica, you are totally not alone! I'm just feeding my husband - not 2 kids - but I always take something I wasnt going to from his meal... Even if I was going to eat only yogurt - I put him breakfast and every time take a piece...

      Guess we should stop this together))
        8Theresa Gould
        I don't know how many lollipops I ate today. Sugar tooth will get me every time if it's in the house.
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