FOUR DAY WEEKEND - YAY!... Er.. I mean... yay...

Again I find myself both excited for and loathing of a four day weekend... Labor day is off and Friday the kids school is closed for some... school district thing... I've got to re write my brain to see it as a time to dig deep into outside activities... it's 102 here and I think we will float in the pool for most of the days... But then I always start to sort of dread the time inside... Long hot days, we've been out, kids are playing... and I don't really "have" to work... So, I find myself sort of wandering... looking for a project to start yet well knowing that once I begin... that's exactly when my kiddos will need me the most...

What are all of your plans? Do you love a staycation? or do you seek out places to go?​

    8Theresa Gould
    We are officially staycationers too. We might have some volunteers coming out, weather permitting, to help us with farm projects. Depending on the weather as the forecast is calling for rain on Friday and Sunday, we will probably be doing outside clean up, weeding, chicken coops, fencing and going from there. Our house needs to be cleaned so that may be our rainy day project!
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