Birthday Traditions!!

Since my kids were one, I always decorate the living room so that when they woke up they would feel excitement and love and wake up to happiness... I've done it for both of them every year.. and as much as they've loved it in the moment, they never really said much about it.. I thought it was something that would pass over time...

My son is NINE today... and a few days ago, I thought maybe I wouldn't do it this year.. maybe he was too old or outgrown it... But while in the car, he told me that as much as he loves his birthdays and the cakes and presents and all that, that is TRUE favorite part is that I decorate the house. Aww. So off to the party store I went... I can't lie, part of me was like... *sigh* as I knew now they go to bed a little later and that would require ME to be up later but also to not sit down... which is usually the FIRST time i really SIT down in a day... and I would have an hour of blowing up balloons and streamers, etc... But of course I did it and did it well, including a happy birthday note on the toilet seat as that's the first place he goes when he wakes...

Mission accomplished... he was thrilled as he promised to be. And I've decided that I will always, no matter what, even if they tell me NOT to, I will always decorate the home for the morning... even when he's visiting from college or 18 or whatever... I realized it's one of those things that he will remember always and I was so happy to know that I had created one of my very own traditions for my kids... ​

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    8Theresa Gould
    This is something we've done too and now my girls have taken on the tradition since so many times I'd be nursing a baby to sleep or whatever. We make birthday signs and blow up balloons if we do not forget.

    Our kids are allowed to choose their birthday meal and dessert, though this year some have tried to choose all the meals for the day of their birthday! Sometimes their meal list gets written down months in advance!

    They are also allowed to pick out a movie to watch on their birthday. They all seem to enjoy this.

    I've sort of got out of the habits of my birthday notes the past couple of years and your post pricked my heart to be sure to continue this as well.
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