Feeling.. TOO good!

Ladies.. I don't want to jinx anything or over think anything.. but have any of you felt so lovely in your pregnancy and normal that it made you worry? I haven't had one bout of morning sickness, barely even any nauseousness.. a bit tired weeks ago.. but other than that, I truly feel like myself. I have an ultrasound next Wednesday.. and I just keep thinking, is this too lovely to be okay? Think I am over thinking it? Nothing has changed, a very small bump is still growing.. but goodness I feel great and wonder if everything is okay.. just call me paranoid.​

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    You feeling that everything is okay, is your bodies way and your spirits way of telling you EVeRYTHING"S OKAY!!!! Don't ruin your moment in the sunshine... this is the good stuff. Don't worry about anything until there's something to worry about... I know... Hi kettle, I'm black..
    All I'm saying is... let it go and ALLOW yourself to feel this way... enjoy it.. be in the moment. CHOOSE to be happy...
      8Theresa Gould
      There were times in my pregnancies I felt like that too. I agree with Jessica enjoy it. :) Glad you are feeling so well!
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