Do you/Did you BABY WEAR?

Ooo a hot and exciting topic!


I have been research, reading, looking high and low about the world of "baby wearing" ...insert oooo's and ahhhh's! I love the idea of baby wearing.. sometimes when I see Moms out n about, I wonder, why aren't they just baby wearing instead of hassling with all that? I realize baby wearing isn't simple, fast or hassle free.. but I feel like the benefits are lovely... I think it's intimate, nurturing and cozy.

​Baby wearing has surprisingly been around for centuries.. but more recently has gained attention and a rise due to those wanting to do more attachment parenting. There has been proven to be a load of benefits to baby wearing as well.. everything from..

- a strong maternal bond

- decrease in post partum

- infants who are carried tend to be calmer bc their primal/survival needs are being met

- the walking, heart beat, rhythm can have soothing effects

- infants tend to be more humanized bc they see social cues

- independence is established earlier

- decreases risk of "flat head syndrome"

A lot of benefits right? Some causes for hesitation are proper safety.. hello that's always a cause to make sure of.. ie balance and safety of the parent walking and doing things while carrying the bambino. It tends to be so practical to baby wear.. two hands free.. baby on board..!

So tell me ladies.. did you/do baby wear? If you could do it over, would you try it out? Do you have a fav wrap/carrier? What's your opinion?

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          I don't know what a moby wrap is... I know what a rap by Moby is...

          Anywho... I had the basic snuggly... not a wrap or bamboose or anything like it... My babies were heavy and it was hard on my back with anything that wasn't really strapped to me... and the snuggly held her tightly close to me...

          I loved having her there. My son HATED anything like it... always... but my daughter chilled there for hours while we walked and hiked and shopped... it was more out of convenience than me wanting to bond and the heart rate thing, etc... But she is perfectly lovely now and fully confident that she is loved ...

          plus, you can smell them... and that's awesome.
            8Theresa Gould
            I used a homemade sling and while it worked and was padded I found I suffered from a sore neck and shoulder a lot, but still found this was my preferred method until child six when I discovered the Ergo. It was my favorite one of probably five I tried. All of them but my sling and Ergo were long discarded for babies number 6,7 and 8.

            I never got to try the Moby but have heard good things about it.

            I loved wearing my babies. All they want to do is be with mom or a warm body because my husband would wear our babies too after we got the Ergo, which was another plus. Then again he'd wear my sling too. He's a very hands on dad!

            Have fun!
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