What's in a... name!

I would love to know if your kiddos names have meaning behind them.. or was just something you and your husband loved! We think we have ours narrowed down.. but not telling a soul until d day! Plus.. we have a ways to go.. could always change ;) But the middle names we picked have a ton of meaning!

So tell me... did you have your names picked asap?

Did you and your hubby agree right away? Or not at all?

Did you tell people the name/names?

Do they hold significance to you?

Also.. any suggestions welcome ;)​

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      8Theresa Gould
      I always wrote out a list of names I was interested in and I'd look up their meanings to be sure I never gave my children awful meaning names. Then my husband and I would narrow down the choices. We didn't usually have any trouble. Just the last couple in coming up with names! Though he always teased about naming our children nicknames he gave them in the womb like, Gwendolyn, Skippy, Methuselah and things like that.

      Our first girl's name was chosen because I had a substitute teacher by that name and always liked it because it wasn't overly popular and I thought it was pretty. She got my two middle names because it named her after my mom and me.

      Our next two girls are biblical names. Our second daughter's middle name is after her paternal grandmother. Our third daughter's middle name is after my favorite aunt who never had any children but treated all of us like her own.

      Our first son's name was given to him because at the camp I counseled at as a teen I had a young nine year old boy by that name. He was a bit troublesome but such a handsome little thing that I fell in love with him and always loved that name. Then he got his dad's name as his middle name.

      Our second son got a biblical name and his middle name is after his paternal grandfather who none of us got to know due to his passing away several years before my husband and I met.

      Our fourth daughter's name was chosen because is means of "kind and noble spirit" and her middle name means "motherly" and I chose this because that's the kind of mother/person I wanted her to be/become.

      Our third son is a biblical name but not one I would have chosen had I not come across a sick little boy's blog and followed him for years. He's chronically ill and I wanted to remember him and count my blessings for a healthy child. His middle name is also a biblical name meaning, "beloved" and this biblical character was very strong and loved by God.

      Our last child, a son, my husband named. I was running out of boys names and my husband said he liked this particular name and I was all for it. His middle name is also biblical meaning "God is Judge" and this biblical character was also very strong.

      For the most part we did seem to share the names in advance. We had names picked out in the first and second trimesters for all of them but the last one. And the last two we didn't even have girls names picked out so it's a good thing they were boys!
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