Why is it.....

​Why is it that when celebrities have babies, i.e. Kate Middleton, the focus is instantly on her weight?


When she had Prince George and stood outside the hospital, immediately the media pounced on her post-baby figure.

I don't get our culture's obsession with weight...cute babies yes.

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
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    8Theresa Gould
    Oh, I am Canadian and during my high school years I followed Princess Diana, Prince Charles, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward....so now that Prince William and Prince Harry are grown up, I love keeping up with their news. After all, Prince William could become the next King of England in our life time depending on how long the Queen and Prince Charles lives. Having a King will be something that hasn't happened to England in a long time.
      I think that the general interest in ANY celebrity when they're pregnant is our need to "humanize" them... They are placed in such a way that they seem to have it better or "perfect" and the general obsession of them and finding things wrong is just peoples way of wanting to identify with them some how. We like to see someone like Kate struggle with weight because I think it makes it OKAY for us to... It makes them and us just realize that no matter what, we are all really the same.
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