Sport and child.

We argue with my husband for almost two weeks where is much better to send our son, I am for swimming, and he is for soccer. My argument is that the swimming is less traumatic sport it is useful for blood vessels, respiratory system is well developed, and the figure of the men dealing swimming is very beautiful, it is also less expensive sport: swimming trunks, swimming cap and swimming goggles. My husband's arguments are only the names of the players.

    8Theresa Gould
    That's tough. I hope you and your husband can come to an agreement. What is your son good at? What is he interested in?

    We've opted not to do organized sports because: 1. It is expensive for eight children, if they all wanted to join a sport. 2. Our life is busy as it is and I cannot imagine running eight children to eight different activities times possibly 2 or 3 additional activities if they opted for more than one! That would be incredibly stressful.

    We are in a unique situation where we get our exercise from actual work on the farm so outside sports is not a necessity but rather a luxury.