How Will You Know if You're Having a Miscarriage - My Experience

Every women will be different, but it is generally good advice to call your doctor or midwife if you experience any spotting during pregnancy. If you do experience spotting pink or blood, the best thing to do is to rest to see if it stops. Also drink lots of water and avoid sex while any spotting or bleeding is occurring. Use common sense and follow your instincts.

For me, unless it was just after intercourse (this only happened in my early pregnancies), I did not bleed or spot even pink during my normal, full-time pregnancies. However, in my six miscarriages spotting occurred which lead to full blown bleeding. Therefore, it is safe for me to say I do not bleed during my normal pregnancies. 

I generally saw pink first, which turned red, then I started bleeding heavily and the heavier the bleeding got that's when cramping began. Cramping is different than stretching twinges. This cramping is like menstrual cramping or contraction cramping.

Nevertheless, I have heard stories where a woman has bled a lot and go on to have a healthy full-term baby. I cannot comprehend how that can be possible unless the blood loss was the loss of a twin, but it does happen. If you are far enough along the doctor can listen for a heart beat to see if baby is still alive. You can also monitor movements if you are in your second trimester. So while there is hope if bleeding occurs, proceed with caution and always consult with your doctor or midwife telling them as much details as possible.

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    Wow, and I have heard similar stories like that too. Your dad is too funny! But he was right! :)
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