My little girl may be the Next Martha Stewart... and it's driving me INSANE!!!

My daughter is 6 and UBER crafty... Which is nice... don't get me wrong, she will keep herself busy for HOURS mixing and cutting and pasting and ... wait... did I mention CUTTING?? Up stuff? Like... I dunno... MY SHEETS???? Yes... Okay.. I couldn't be mad... it was our XMAS flannel themed sheets which in all honesty are sort of on their last leg here... but there are scraps everywhere.. and stuff is glued to other stuff.. She collects things throughout her day at school and then makes stuff when she gets home... any box I attempt to put in recycling is hers.. any TP roll... hers... and piece of cardboard from a toy.. hers...

Great right? Well. yes.. but it's all over the place.. she has a spot and a corner and an area and we rally it all but it's just finds it's way places... I mean she's SIX... I can only expect so much... I'm not mad at her or upset... I breathe and smile and cheer her on, but secretley... the little pieces of stuff... driving me nuts...

Her newest thing is making "lotions and stuff"... with toothpaste, baking soda, bath fizzies, essential oils, food coloring, shampoo... I was the same way in that effect... always making something.. her brother and I call her the mad scientist... But yesterday I went to spray my hair with the anti frizz and it was listerine smelling... So she got to that... I'm just waiting for an explosion... I should probably look up what NOT to mix with baking soda... right?

At any rate. She's happy and busy and creating... So.. my own little OCD issues with the mess need to be kept to myself as long as she remains respectful of her messes... we are good to go...​

    8Theresa Gould
    Yeah, the cutting can get a little much around here too especially when our children are creating new paper dolls. I feel your aggravation over messes though.
    Lol.. Mandi, jessica.. whatever...
    Yes. she does clean up... she does a great job... for a SIX year old... lol ... her idea of clean up is very different than mine... but she does pretty well.. it's not the BIG messes that get me... it's the little scraps and pieces and sticker and buttons left behind... it's okay... I choose this over anything else...
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