Weather and your... MOOD!


Do you find that the weather strongly dictates your mood too?

ie.. sunny and gorgeous out.. good mood?

..rainy and chilly... bad or grumpy mood?

Its crazy how much they correlate things like S.A.D. to the weather, especially in places like (gasp) Ohio, where the sun barely shines from December to.. oh April? I know a dose of sunshine among the grey skies really can perk me up! Don't get me wrong.. I love a snowy or rainy day as well.. but goodness.. they get me down when they keep coming!

So tell me.. do you work better when it's nice out? Rainy days? Snow days? Doesn't matter? Do you need sunshine?​

    I'm totally weather affected... I'm with Linda.. rain and clouds make me sleepy and I love a sunny bright day... The WIND is my arch nemesis... The wind makes me cranky and sad... I don't know why... I hate it..
    Some times if it's over cast here... I can flip it and turn it and be cozy and feel snuggly, but that's seasonal.. :)
      8Theresa Gould
      I agree with the rest. Cloudy, rainy days just zap my energy but give me sunshine and I'll perk right up! Snowy days make me want to curl up with a cup of hot cocoa and a good book.

      Amazing how much the weather can affect us.
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