NO! Saying it and meaning it!

So this is an interesting topic for me.. especially since I don't have kids yet.. but I am always curious as to when others start telling their little one NO! One girlfriend of mine started early.. as early as they knew better.. case in point.. we were shopping one day in a store.. and her little guy was being fussy, just because.. and I saw her turn to him, firmly, but gently and say NO! And he stopped.. she said she had been doing it since she thought he knew what he was doing.. does that make sense? Then I have another friend who.. BLESS HER HEART.. doesn't use it enough! She is the one who lets her kid bang silverware on the table while out at a restaurant without taking it away OR saying NO! And trust me.. I have been the one who does it instead.. especially when you already have a headache before meeting :)

Okay REAL Moms.. weigh in! When did you start telling them NO? Or perhaps you don't? Would love all opinions!​

    NO is a magical word... but read carefully... if over used it loses it's value... if under used, you have terrible kids :)

    When they're little, you re-direct... talk with your kids like they understand you before they actually understand you... If they're banging silverware, say gently, "that's too loud, we don't do that" and give them something else... repeat if necessary... same with most anything... NO is a strong word and has to be the FINAL word... a lot of moms say it and then give in. and then it means nothing... they have to understand that when NO is used... that's it.. no negotiation,,, nothing.. No means NO...
    But with toddlers and small kids you need to reserve it for the bigger things... like hitting, spitting, etc... as they get older they understand more... also, if my kids ask for a popsicle on popsicle day after school, and I don't want them to have the sugar. I'll tell them WHY... Kids like to have your reasons.. I'll say instead of NO.. "not this week, we ate a lot of sugar over the weekend... it's not good for us"... they still want the popsicle, but they understand the terms better... if they push me, I tell them not today! then the next time, I get them one so they understand...

    Over using NO is awful... also the tone of your voice and look in your eyes can speak volumes... a loose no will get arguments, a firm one... may not... or less arguments...

    My biggest rule of thumb was don't TELL them... show them... and always follow through.. no matter how painful it is for you...
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      I think Jessica covered it well, but we did start early. No to electrical sockets, even if they had covers over them. No to the TV cord, when we had one. No to the stairs and turn them around and face them away from them. Same went for the driveway. If they ventured too close to the road I'd say No, turn them around and start them back up towards the house again. They got it and our children were the ones you didn't find playing in the street because they were trained early not to go there.

      I taught all my children as babies the meaning of hot from my tea cup. I didn't want them touching the stove, pulling the oven door down etc. so I used it and if they went to touch my tea cup I'd say "hot" a couple of times. Obviously they had to touch their little finger tips to it to really get the point but they learned after touching it once or twice. Babies are teachable and trainable in all areas.
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