Kids and pets

​We have a dog. Its name is Senya. When our baby was born and we brought him home, our dog a few days did not leave the baby cot. The dog tolerated everything, even the fact that the child was pouring a water into a bowl of it's food. One day my son got into a fight with another boy, and when he came back home said, "Senya, come on, we will show him now".)))))

    That is SO cute... My dog... also.. was next to my son at all times... At first I thought he was just waiting for a chance to eat him... But, I noticed that whenever someone would come by to see the baby... and walk towards my son, my dog would stand up and watch them closely... He wasn't aggressive in any way but you could tell he was a littler nervous... it was super cute... My step son was buddies with him right away... he was 1 when I met his dad and my dog let that little boy do ALL kinds of things to him... lol.. so funny...
      Ah.. both these instances are SO sweet! My biggest fear lately is my one dog.. the minpin.. heck he thinks I am his girlfriend already and is SO protective of me.. we will really have to be extra careful.. if anything I feel like he will become SUPER protective of the baby.. oy. But our english bulldog.. oh my lanta.. I think she will be the sweetest thing alive with the baby. She LOVES people, kids and babies in general.. so curious, but in a sweet... I can't get close enough to your FACE way! We already joke how we will probably find her in the babies room, next to the crib... she will be THAT dog. She also sneezes and slobbers a lot.. ha!
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          8Theresa Gould
          We've only had pets for nearly a year and a half. Our dog we trust completely except when he's eating and even then we are working on him about that because my three year old and the dog use to share food when the dog was a puppy. He's a newfie/retriever mix and they are known to be good with kids. He just has a lot of training left.