Ah.. the possibilities are endless. I already have my eye on a few after research and reviews.. but I would LOVE any input ladies! Tell me what are key features in a stroller, or what really isn't needed.. What you find valuable and your ideal stroller! Let me have 'em :)​

    Dude. I miss my stroller STILL and my kids have been LONG out of one... they're 6 and almost 9... and there are still days where I mourn it... It was so much easier.. like pushing a giant purse around with a mini fridge and my kids chilling out in there... Loved it...

    I shopped around for all types... all the expensive ones looked ridiculous to me... like some weird alien pod... I have a lot of friends, who did like a baby basinet on wheels type stroller then upgraded to one that sits up etc... and had a jogger... oy... so many...

    I had ONE stroller... it was a Greco stroller that I got from target... it wasn't fancy, but had everything I needed... It had a car seat connecter and then a lounger underneath, so I just had to buy the one stroller... it had a decent shade... which btw... those shades never are at the right angle... I highly recomend getting the extensions for the shads that flap down on the sides... I used a blanket to cover at all times, with hair clips holding it in place.. lol... but it had a tray for snacks or toys and layed back a little... and the wheels.... THE WHEELS!! Okay... I never thought about it until now.. but the wheels... are your everything!! Get the wheels that turn all around... so you can do 380's or 360's or whatever... I DO remember a stroller I got later that had wheels that only went forward and backward, so turning, I had to lift the back of the stroller a little to make it through turns... BUT if you get the turny wheels, you can run that thing with one hand...

    I had the one stroller until my daughter was born and my son was only 2, so he still needed to have one, so I got the "sit and stand" one... I missed the first stroller but it was fine... it was just HUGE... and long and heavy... But I think you're a while away from the second one coming.. so I won't go there...

    OH OH!!! Okay... SO.. there's this "stroller" that's not actually a stroller, it looks like a cart that grammas uses to push their groceries in... BUT, it's just the base... on wheels... and you can snap your car seat INTO it and then literally you're just pushing a light weight cart with your baby car seat on top.. THIS WAS AWESOME!!! For those quick trips in and out, when you can't carry that thousand pound car seat anymore and you don't want to go through the hassle of pulling out the stroller from the back .. again... this thing weighed like 5 lbs and folded down and was amazing... Let me think of the name and I'll post a link... seriously... best thing ever...

    I also loved my jogger... Not sure how active you are... if you run or plan to walk a lot... but I did... I needed out of the house and I would pack a bag and get in the jogger and just walk to the store, park, friends... where ever... My jogger had the all direction turny wheels and was super roomie for my son...

    So, if I had to do it all over... I would look for a stroller that was also a jogger... totally worth the money if you have it... otherwise you end up with 3 different contraptions and an achey back...

    Lemme find that link....
    I just love reading your posts.. for advice and in general.. laughter! Thank you for holding on the baby 2.. until baby 1 comes :) Much appreciated! haha And I hope I can find some wheels that do 380s.. haha! I know what you mean tho.. I never thought I would research wheels, sun shades and trays.. but SO important and I love what you noted was really valuable to you. I am definitely a walker/jogger.. so I really want one that can either DO THAT.. or another one that is a jogger too.. can't hurt to register for it.. muahaha! My parents are each one of 8 kids.. my family is huge.. someone better take heart and help a sister out.. haha jk.. not really, kind of.

    I won't lie though.. I have been sucked into the fancier ones.. have you searched the bugaboos or phil & teds of the world? Soo pretty. I am a designer, so I am a sucker for sleek design... sigh.

    Oh and thanks for that link.. that stinker is brilliant!!
      Here is sort of what I had... this was nine and 6 years ago... so, it's not quite the same.. mine didn't look so busy... mine was literally the shell... and a basket at the bottom... they are avail for all prices from the $60 one at walmart to the $400 one by Orbit... (don't get me started on that)...…
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            8Theresa Gould
            We had a Peg Perego that was really well made and lasted the longest of all our strollers. We had a double one because when my kids were little I always had two that needed to ride in a stroller when we walked and the older ones biked. It's bottom basket did not last long, guess we loaded it down too much. It was also big and bulk. That was its down fall. But we always had a van so it didn't matter to me.

            I had a double stroller we got used that broke its wheel when we were walking across a field (they were in the process of putting in sidewalks between strip malls) to get from Walmart to a strip mall and that's when I decided I wanted a tough stroller for any terrain so I didn't have it break on me like that again.

            Depending on yours and your husband's heights, watch the stroller handle height. It never really mattered to me because I am short but it certainly made a difference for my husband who is nearly 6'1.

            I always had at least two strollers, but big double one and then an umbrella type stroller for quick trips or one child trips. My favorite umbrella type one was a Jeep brand one.

            Good luck finding your perfect stroller! Test out your friends. :-)
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