What does your WEDNESDAY look like!? :)

Hey Ladies!

Just wanted to check in with you all and see what your Wednesday is looking like today — wherever you might be!

A few bits that are making up my day...

— We finally started telling people we are «expecting»! No idea why I was so nervous, tentative or semi scared to do so… today has been fun :)

— I worked and met with some local doctors this morning — all about allergies and asthma — it's what I do as a job a few days a week!

— Later tonight I will be hitting up my workout studio, Pure Barre, for a little calorie burner! Do you gals do anything daily you love?

— And finally… an ice cream dinner date with a friend! :)

Would love to hear about your day!

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        8Theresa Gould
        Our day was a bit out of the ordinary. We worked on getting fencing supplies together until we discovered our 29 year old horse laying in his pasture and having a hard time walking - he got into his grain bin yesterday and ate a lot more than he should have! - then we couldn't get him to drink much or even get up. So we had to call the vet. Come to find out he has laminitis, which can be deadly if not caught in time or treated correctly. So we spent most of our day babying our sick horse. He certainly scared us but so far he seems to be improving over all, for which we are very thankful.
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