Where can you find (make) LEGITIMATE work-from-home jobs as a Mom!?

So perhaps it is from trial and errror, life experiences, networking, connecting or being a people person — but I have come to work and understand how you can REALLY make «working from home» work the way you want to… especially with kiddos in the house or kiddos on the way!

Before I even became pregnant, I had come to the brick-wall realization that I needed to A) work from home B) work for myself… these two things made me happy… being my own boss gave me freedom (stress too, lets be honest)… and just an independent feeling of success and living life on MY terms. 

When I started my journey to sorting out what I could/wanted/needed to do from home… I started a vision board of things I LOVED… things that made me happy. After all, isn't life about doing what you love? Then it doesn't seem so much like work, but life as it should be. 

So «Step 1» was definitely sort out my vision, what I wanted, how I thought something I loved could look as a career staying at home (especially with kiddos). I personally figured out that I loved helping people understand, use and advance themselves and their businesses with social media… it wasn't too hard, you just have to be honest with yourself… I feel like you can make most things into a niche or business model for yourself! I often use the motto of «balance» in my life… everything takes a delicate balance to make work.

The «Step 2» would be to outline a plan-of-action. This included networking locally, researching similar people like myself that had done the same thing and then just most of all… plotting out what YOU want it all to look like in a business setting and home setting… how a day could look working from home, when you productive times would be… how much you plan to devote to it all. I used everything from Craigslist, Freelance Writing Gigs… so many sites help you zone into the people who need to find YOU! Blogs too!

«Step 3» is having the motivation and courage to DO IT! I simply put out an ad via Craigslist (locally) about my services I wanted to offer… and honestly, within an hour I had REAL (not creepy) nibbles on getting in touch with me! I ended up and had an interview at a local medical group and wa la! First client that needed social media help! From there it almost turned into a snowball effect… referrals by name and how well I performed my job kept me going and gaining new clients. 

I think «Step 4» would be reaching out to people you are friends with and not being shy about what you do, what you want to offer (be it a Virtual Assistant, Book Keeping, Babysitting… anything at all) and that you want to bring in more clients! The longer I have been offering social media marketing on my own, the more bold I get in not being shy to ask someone if they would ever be interested in help — you should never be shy to do so either! I also think collaborating with other people in your niche can work wonders! Never have too much pride to ask for help… or bettering yourself. 

Overall… you need to put yourself out there and bring your vision to life. It isn't easy… it won't happen overnight and you might fail a few times before you land a client, gig, site or opportunity — but it is worth it!

I hope this helps any dreamer get to their goals a little faster — sometimes it takes one email, one phone call or one date over coffee to get it all going!

Has anyone else had success making their own business work at home?

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    8Theresa Gould
    Great tips, Meg. Yes, I have had success creating my own work at home business. Since 2008 I have been a Virtual Assistant and since about 2010 I have working as a blogger. I have slowly increased my income over the last three years, not full-time income yet, but it does provide a good portion of our family's income and such a help.
    How does a person go about becoming a virtual assistant? What tips can you provide to help all of us who are new to this work at home venture?
    how did you get started in virtual
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      Anita Anderson
      Leah DGoddess..... Id love to to start blogging or something in that line of work too.... how do u get started with no experience?
        4Leona montgomery
        yes I have I just start my own gift basket business about 2 month now and I have been very success.I been looking into work from home for a while now and I run into a great company also we are rated A+ with the bbb.yes I have made money already not a lot still planting my seed but a happy
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          Anita Anderson
          what do u do from home?
          4Jessica Chattopadhyay
          I would love more info please. thank you
            April bowen
            not me. I have been trying to really work at home for 13 years. I have tried so many businesses and jobs but nothing worked out. I'm watching youtube videos from Kinghuman but still nothing. I have a business I'm trying now and hoping above everything this works. Cause like so many out there I need to work from home to help with the bills.
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                These are fantastic tips! I recently made a vision board, and things are already blooming for me. It's amazing, and almost creepy. I hung up a board in the kitchen where everyone in the family can see it. I have goals like "I will be able to afford to stay home with the kids" and "New Year's Eve 2015 in Disney World" and a dollar bill with tons and tons of zeros on it. Literally 5 minutes after I defaced the dollar bill I had a guy knock on my door trying to sell me new windows. I rent, so I didn't need his services, but he left me a flyer anyway. Well, on the back of the flyer was a pretend $100 bill. I laughed out loud at my vision board working so quickly - I put fake money on the board and instantly got more! How ironic!
                But everything on there is beginning to take shape, and I truly believe that we attract whatever it is we put out into the universe. If you are in a good mood, so are most other people around you. When you are cranky it seems like everyone around you is in a foul mood as well.
                  I have worked with this team for over 13 years...work from home, around your own schedule. Must have a phone, an internet accessible computer. Must truly enjoy helping others. Join a team of dedicated moms and dads who work from home to enjoy financial freedom, and the flexibility to be there with their family. All training, support provided. This is an opportunity to have your own home business...The investment in this business you will make is your time.
                    Hi Tami,
                    Are you able to provide more info regarding this agency and acquiring a work at home position there?
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