Cold & Flu is approaching.. Home Remedies!

I am big into finding things "other than" meds to help move a sickness out of ones home.. so I thought I would share some home remedies I found when it comes to kiddos/babies and their colds & flu symptoms!

- ‚Äčlots of rest.. this is for ALL ages!

- steamy air.. for babies, kiddos and adults!

- saline drops & bulb syringes

- vapor rubs.. 3 months and up!

- extra fluids.. mainly 6 months and up..

- chicken soup & other warm liquids.. 6 months and up as wel

- elevating that ole noggin.. for those a year or older

- honey.. soothing honey! for a year or older as well

- blow that nose if they are 2 or older.. teach them! :)

- the age old.. neti pot! for 4 years or older.. and NO tap water!

- gargling salt water.. ick, but helps! ages 4 and up too!

Do you use any of these to rid the sickness first?

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    8Theresa Gould
    We've used rest, elevating the head, warm liquids, honey and honey and garlic is a favorite for our 14 year old who loves garlic and onions raw, the rest of us not so much. We also do lots of liquids cold or hot.

    We also use RC, Raven, Breathe Again and Peppermint all 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils. We put them on our chests, breathe them in, diffuse them in a diffuser and even ingest them - they have to be 100% pure therapeutic grade to ingest. I only trust Young Living but am a distributor too so I get the oils at wholesale price. We haven't been sick in a couple of years, which is amazing considering the young ages of some of our children but if we catch symptoms at the onset we've usually been saved from a full fledged cold.
      Great list, Mag! I've added it to favourites to have before eyes in case of flues!

      As for me my most helpfull remedies are: to sleep alot and hot drinks every 30 minutes.
        And what to do with a runny nose? It is said that if you treat a runny nose, it will takes a week, and if you not, it will takes 7 days. I usually wash out the nose to my son purified sea water, and at night I drip vasoconstrictive drops - one drop in each nostril. When I was child, my mother made my brother and me to breathe over a hot potato, covered with a blanket and called it "playing partisan." I do not know why, but it helped.
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              These are all great and I use them all... as sort of standard care.. But, and I'm willing to be judged by all moms out there... but, when My kids are miserable... I give them advil... even if they don't have a fever... luckily they don't get sick very often, but I have friends who refuse to give their kids (school age) any medicine like that, and I think.. look.. it makes them FEEL better... I'm not out flowing advil in their soup, but if my babies don't feel well, I'll do whatevr I can... and it's a life saver... watching them go from feeling rotten on the couch to siting up and wanting to do a puzzle... I'm in...
              Also... at night time.. the congestion can be really bad... sudafed... I know, I know.. you have to show your ID to get it now (Thanks meth addicts) and there are other alternatives... but NONE of them work.. yes.. I've done the nose syringe, pot, saline, little noses, etc... but those work for like ten minutes... at night they need something stronger... nothing clears their nose when it's really bad like sudafed... Again, I have school age kids ...

              ALSO... beware of any of the vapor rubs ... my son had some asthma early on.. not bad.. .but the vapor rubs ALL made him wheeze and lavender too... Anything smelly (good or bad) makes me sick to my stomach and wheeze to... But I DO know for sure that vapor rub by some doctors is no longer recommended...

              ALSO... we use a cool mist humidifier.. I remember switching a while back when the Doctor told me that it was found that the warm ones breed bacteria and circulate it out back into the air.

                I know that cool mist humidifiers are the new norm... but the old reliable steam vaporizers work for us with a bit of vicks vapo rub on their chests work wonders!
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