Allergies.. During Pregnancy!


Does that sound like you?

It sounds like me lately.. I have always suffered from the dreaded "ragweed" in the Fall here in Ohio.. but I didn't think the past few years had been bad.. until this past week. Let's just say we need to buy stock in Kleenex asap :)

I got to researching about allergies while expecting and was very surprised by some findings.. I hope it helps you as well!

- ‚Äčallergies are VERY common during pregnancy

- allergies are even common when a woman has never had them! eek.

- some allergy symptoms are actually hormone-induced! like swelling nasal passages.. doesn't that sound yummy?

- you can typically take a few key allergy medications, I was cleared for them by my own doctor.. Claritin and Zyrtec.. thank you Jesus! but remember to always check with your own.. as with ANY medications.

- allergy shots are actually considered safe for pregnant women.. as long as you have been on them or receiving them since before conceiving. If you have not been taking them, they do not advise, as your fluctuating immune system may caused unexpected reactions.

- regular decongestants containing the ingredient pseudoephedrine are probably not a good idea for pregnant women either.. FYI!

Overall.. avoiding your triggers and staying on top or ahead of your allergies is KEY to not being anymore miserable than you have to be :)

So tell me ladies.. do you normally have allergies? Did you get them while pregnant? How did you cope? How bad were they?

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    8Theresa Gould
    Fortunately, I do not normally have allergies and did not have them during my pregnancies. However, for some reason I usually had one cold during my pregnancies.

    Hope you find relief for yours.
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        Ah.. thats so interesting, Leah! So glad Zyrtec seems to help! Do you use it all year daily? Only reason I ask is.. after a long while.. you will become resistant to it! I work for an allergist.. haha And using Claritin and Zyrtec daily can definitely leave you anti-hestimine resistant.. so just wondering :) It's cray cray how our bodies change before during and after though.. isn't it?
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            i have never been an allergy sufferer... but did have chronic sinus issues related to preganacies... the only thing that helped was sudafed...
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