Pity Party!

Ladies.. lets be honest... how long did it take for you to accept your CHANGING BODY!?!? Goodness.. I gained like 2-3 lbs. and you would think it's 20.. I have cried in the bathroom once today like a weirdo. This will get better.. right? Right? :) My husband is the sweetest thing alive, so are my friends.. it's just ME, accepting it. What the heck is wrong with me?​

    8Theresa Gould
    Rats, clicked the wrong button and lost what I had responded with......going to try again.

    I think I embraced my changing body more fully in my first pregnancy. I also gained a lot of weight which in turn created negative feedback, which kind of ruined it for me in my other pregnancies, unfortunately. I am still carrying a lot of extra weight but am hoping now that I am no longer nursing or pregnant that I will start to lose weight more easily but know it will take work due to my age. I have lost a few pounds the past couple of weeks with the increase of physical activity in putting up hay.

    I think it's a process for our emotions and head to accept our ever changing body. Our bodies do not change overnight so gradually we can learn to embrace the amazing changes our body goes through to bring forth life. As long as we work at crowding out the outside negative comments and expectations.

    I recently read about a couple celebrity moms, Alyssa Milano and Jennifer Love Hewitt if I remember correctly were two of them, but I was impressed by the way they embraced motherhood and their changing bodies and refused to let "America" dictate how they were going to define themselves in their pregnancies or after the fact. Meaning their weight was not going to define who they are as women or mothers. Does your size change who you really are? No, but I think sometimes we allow others to believe it does.

    Let yourself get use to your changing body and of course some days hormones are going to get the better of you but that's ok too. Give yourself a hug and ask your husband for an extra one but go easy on yourself. You are doing something great and the miracle of your wee one is worth all the changes your body is going through....you'll see. :)

      Oh Meg... I'm still trying to accept my new body.. lol... But when I gained that 14 lbs in one month, I cried all the way home and with my second, and My legs became all veiny, I cried every day... it's not vanity... you're also highly emotional and your body is NOT YOURS right now... I remember catching a glimpse of my arm in a car window at 7 months and saw dimples... on my arm and cried for days and stared at them in every window and mirror I could find...
      Let yourself be upset.. then also let it PASS... you seem like a really healthy person, I have no doubt you're taking care of your body and will after wards as well...

      Remember,,, that the baby is doing this... and that may make it feel less bad... My knees were gross... I always liked my legs too... was an athlete and my legs from mid thigh down were the ONE thing I liked... one... well, I liked my feet too, but those were disgusting too... But, my knees looked like fat hot dogs... it was awful...

      It all goes back to normal after... Just wait for that month where you gain the most... I think every woman has it... where they're going along with a few each month and then BOOM one month it's 7 more or 12 and you're like whhaaaaatttt?

      it's OKAY... breathe... you're emotional and saying goodbye to the Meg as you knew her... embrace it and make sure you dont' under eat because of it... NOW is your time
      Ah.. thank youuuu! I couldn't under eat if someone paid me too.. remember, sweets lover? I hope the bambino doesn't mind! ha! It's definitely just how you explain it.. doesn't feel like your own and hello, it's ONLY the beginning! Are you sure you ladies want to be on this lil ride with me? haha! I have done the cry and let it pass.. because honestly, what else can I do? Oh I can wear BLACK and buy these amazing Blanqi things... but I also have been trying to remember that so many women WISH they could be going through this.. so hello, I should enjoy it. And there better be the cutest face in the history of the world at the other end.. right? ha!
        Wo.. only 2-3 pounds... good for you! i gained like 100! i wish I could keep the weight off but it is a never ending battle! If I had more money I think I would join a health club or the YMCA... but it is just not in the cards. Walking is good too... but I can only walk so much! Meg... like you my hubby is wonderful and acts like nothing has even changed... but I know... it is when you glimpse at that photo of you you tried to avoid that you see the extra pounds... I have tried everything from the HCG diet to counting calories... I need something that works!

        i have come to accept the extra weight until I go to the doctor for my check up and she says (this was Tuesday) "what can I do to help you get healthy" ... oh great!
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