I'm a farmer and sometimes it feels weird....

​I grew up in rural Nova Scotia so when I was little, little I remember playing house with our neighbors/friends who happened to be farmers and their son and I would talk about farming when we grew up.

Then I grew up and never gave farming another thought until we had a brood of children to feed!

I'm a farmer now and it sometimes feels weird. For example: I just got off the phone with a vet and guess what I was discussing with him? Artificial Insemination (AI) and breeding our Guernsey (dairy) cow. What do I know about breeding a cow? Absolutely nothing! I am learning as I go.

Don't we often feel like that as parents? We are learning as we go and with each child it is different and we have to change parenting tactics, style etc. to accommodate the personality of each individual child. It's daunting.

And I find both farming and parenting hard work, but worth it....most days. (wry smile!)

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    Oh Theresa! You are miles away - but I understand you so good!
    I'm not a farmer - I'm project manager as you know - but my parents now are.
    My parents used to be an architector (dad) and a doctor (mom) - and never gave a thought to farming. And now both of them are gardeners - my mom grows up the pumpkins and strawberry, and dad are the master of grape and roses (as you can see on my profile's backgroung picture).
    Sometimes it looks really weird when I call them and dad tells me how expencive is compost this year... But I know that this garden and hard but simple work makes them happy.

    And frankly speaking, looking at my parents and the garden they've created I know that it'll be my way of living in future. Farming and gardenind are the most natural and creative work - and the way to feel yourself right.

    And the one more point - it's better for your kids to live on the fresh air and be connected with nature! Oh, I'm not a hippy - it's just a thought of girl from city))
    8Theresa Gould
    :) You are sweet Mariya. I am glad your parents have found happiness in their retirement years. I so want to grow grapes and roses! I'm jealous of your dad for having mastered it. I am sure it will take me many more years to master them. We only have wild grapes growing on our old outer fencing. We do have strawberries and pumpkins though!

    My grandmother was an avid gardener and my mom was when I was growing up. She has a real green thumb and she's gone back to having a little garden the past few years too. I think it's just something in her.

    Thank you for sharing.
    8Theresa Gould
    Just looked at your profile background....what gorgeous roses....even more jealous of your dad now! :)
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