How to prepare for a long trip, if the the child has travel sickness?

It is necessary first of all to sleep well. So take care of healthy and nutritious child's sleep on the eve of distance travel. But the accumulated fatigue would not benefit, it weakens the body's adaptive, including the vestibular system. On the day of travel you must feed the child, but not too much. Breakfast should be healthy and moderately nutritious. Excessive hunger and satiety can trigger travel sickness. During the trip, give him
lemon candies and ginger. Avoid giving your child sweet sodas and milk.
Try to take seats in the front of the vehicle and sit facing forwards. Much
better trip tolerated, if at that time the baby sleeps. If possible, do not use
perfumes and deodorants during the trip.

Moms Expertise
    When I was a kid, there was alot of problems with travelling - I always was seasicking. But it had gone with the age.