FRIDAY!!!! WHOO HOOO!!! Oh wait...

There is always that excitement of being Friday.. and I'm not sure why... I fee like I would be more excited if I worked "harder" throughout the week... you know, like digging ditches in 100 degree weather and then truly EARNED a mellow weekend of middle of the day movies and popsicles... Working from home... even though I don't usually work during the weekends, but a little here and there... not having to GO someplace for a job, though nice most of the time... makes the weekend seem a little less enticing...

I;m glad to avoid the usual early morning lunch packing and hair brushing and getting out the door in time to make the bell... I look forward to the relaxed a.m. But then that feeling of... Ohn no... what am I going to do with the kids this weekend?? The longer days and lack of routine... keeping them busy...

What is everyone's plans for the weekend? ​

    WHOO HOOO!!! I have actually forgot that it's friday )).
    My plan is to have a great pre-fall shopping and to sleep as much as I can...
      8Theresa Gould
      We have a market in the morning which my husband will do and take a child with him. We have a vet coming for a meet and greet and he'll look at our cow. Then the rest of the weekend is kind of up in the air. Do we build chicken coops, do we stack the rest of the hay that just got tossed in the barn to bet the rain, do we buy a new weed whacker so we can get the property looking neat and trim again, do we get a load of straw from a neighboring farm, do we go look at a farm, do we go look at a bull to possibly put Miss Moo with to breed her? We have far too many choices, if you ask me!

      Oh and I should get some back to school shopping done before I miss all the school supplies sales!

      Hope you all enjoy whatever you do!
        Well this is late.. the weekend is ending but... it was a great one! For once, we had NO PLANS! I love no plans weekends :) We went out to dinner our fav restaurant's patio on Friday.. followed by walking in our downtown area to another local hot spot for live music.. love music. Saturday was a load of relaxing.. my husband went golfing, I enjoyed the sun and did some shopping... then out to my cousins' for dinner! And today.. a little workout and more rest. Oh don't end weekend!

        How was yours Jessica?
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