Rules ofintroduction of complementary foods

Complementary feeding should be administered cautiously, gradually replacing the new product one breastfeeding - starting with 1 teaspoon before breast-feeding, increasing the amount of new food every day twice as (2 teaspoons, stream 4, 8, 16, 32 and so on to the norm).

No need tointroduce several new products at the same time. After two weeks, if all goes well, you can gently introduce the next product. Watch carefully for how the child pooping.

Moms Expertise
    I failed miserably here. I read and KNEW that I was supposed to introduce veggies first so that they grew to like them... but i was SO EXCITED to see my son's face when he tasted food for the first time that I almost felt badly for him that he would be like.. um... really? pea's?
    SO, I gave him peaches. And he LOVED them and watching his face and his little fat elephant legs kick and his mouth searching for it.. was awesome and the best moment... veggies were NOT well received. Shocker.
    Kid still hates vegetables.. lol...
      8Theresa Gould
      I think we live and learn. Sometimes, like when we had babies preferring fruit over veggies, we'd put a little fruit on the tip of the spoon of veggies to sych them out. Sometimes they figure it out then we try something else. I really think having a garden of some kind helps children get into veggies more easily especially if they are involved with planning, planting and taking care of the plants. Then harvesting is the fun-yum part!