Crush on my OB...

I know, I know... that sounds Uber pervy... But not like THAT!!! Get your mind out of the gutter ladies!!!

Both of my pregnancies I was lucky to have the same OBGYN since I was 25.. (that's 7 plus years by the time I had babies).... and though I adored him for our yearly 30 minutes... seeing him monthly and bi monthly while carrying a baby was awesome...

Let me define the crush... I DID NOT want to make out with him... I did not want to hold his hand in a movie or run my fingers through his hair... this, I think is actually fairly normal... it was a crush type that was more of the fact that he was "taking care of me"... Does that make sense?

He always walked in with a sense of humor, was complimentary towards me in a non crossing the line sort of way... saying things like, "wow. pregnancy suits you" OR.. "I like your toenail polish" ... You know things he probably said to every woman that came in.. that was probably his shtick... But, it worked and I adored him in a kind of way that made me want to do right and well in my pregnancy..

I'm wondering if this made a big difference to me.. I wonder if I did not like my OB if I would have looked forward to my appointments each month... I wonder if I had some daddy issues, that I seeked his approval somehow and "great job kid" type of attitude...

Once I had my son, it passed. I remember feeling proud when he pulled my big baby out from a c-section after I labored for 18 hours.. and him commenting how BIG my son was... like he was impressed..

Then it went away.. Until I was pregnant with my daughter... and again... this was different though.. My pregnancy with my daughter was awful and hard and had an amnio... I think some of you know that whole difficult story.. anyway.. he was there for me during it all...

I think it was a healthy thing.. fun... normal... again it was NOT romantic... but my Husband gave me shit about it... and would laugh when he walked in, he said I blushed...

So weird.

LOL.. No... It was not a romantic crush.. I tell and joke about it with a lot of my friends and I have to say the majority were like "me toooo!!!".. Probably goes back to the women and men thing... how some have daddy issues and look for that authority figure... but that's too deep for me.. lol

God no.. I wrote it ended the second I gave birth and my monthly care was over... it wasn't as much with my second.. probably because I wasn't as scared and new..

NO.. this guy was so nice and so good at putting me at ease and was a short mid 50 man with a lovely wife and college age
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    8Theresa Gould
    Lol, Leah! Asking what cologne he wore :)
      See? I'm not cray cray... lol... I think it was more of a want to do right and well by him.. Like I wanted him to be proud of me.. I couldn't have an OB if I had a real real crush on him.. Ew.. I just saw a dermatologist and when HE walked in.. I swear music played and a halo was around him.. He was so dreamy and younger than I was.. Yikes.. and then i had to point out my MOLES... ew.. lol
        8Theresa Gould
        I kind of get what you are saying, Jessica, I think. Because I kind of crushed on the doctor who delivered my second and third babies. It was kind of weird. But I never usually saw him for monthly checkups unless my favorite doctor was unavailable or it was my six week check up after my daughters were born. I think it does have something to do with the caring aspect or something 'cause there was one postpartum visit he actually picked up the carseat with my fussing baby and swung it to help calm her. It was endearing, you know? It made me like him even more. I mean what woman wouldn't like a man or woman to do that? It's like having a man open or hold a door open these days, he gets my respect for being a gentleman because it is so rare.
          Bethany Reilly
          I prefer women obs. Men freak me out & I always wonder how they understand what I'm going through since they're completely different from women
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