Pregnancy Fitness Tips!

So.. did you/are you staying in shape while pregnant? Some doctors proclaim this can really make/break a labor and delivery.. make it smoother, easier and the recovery quicker.

Here are some tips I think are important during pregnancy for staying active, fit and healthy... 9 months isn't a reason to let yourself go! :)

- prenatal vitamins.. this is a given! take them!

- walk! daily! almost any fitness level you are in, you can walk a little bit daily.. even if you think it isn't a lot.. it is something.

- stretch! recently I have really focused on my flexibility over the past year.. and my how it takes time. during pregnancy don't let this slip by.. being consistent is key.. stretch every morning and evening.. your body, hips, and baby will thank you.

- eat right! this doesn't mean you cannot splurge.. but I try to eat right during the work week.. then let myself indulge more on the weekends.

- find a fitness activity you love.. find something you ENJOY.. water aerobics, zumba, walking on the treadmill, meeting with a trainer, a barre class (you knew I had too!) ..make something enjoyable part of your routine.

- sleep! this is so important. try to keep your body on a great sleep cycle.. I need to work on this more.

- breakfast.. SO important! eat as much healthy breakfast food as you can.. your body will thank you the rest of the day! and yes.. have a donut once in awhile too :)

- stay HYDRATED! keep water on you at all times.. this makes it easier to get your needed intake all day, every day.. especially with a bun in the oven.. your body needs it now more than ever!

Do you have any fitness/health tips you feel are vital while pregnant?

Moms Expertise
    I had high hope of being that mom that was running until she was too big to run... I wasn't... I was able to swim though and that was awesome... great arm strengthening for my giant babies and that frickin' car seat...
    I would say, if Doc says all good... To walk every day.. lunges for your butt and thighs and light weights... always...
      8Theresa Gould
      I walked and I swam in my second pregnancy by taking a prenatal swim class to help keep my weight down. Other pregnancies I have not been so diligent.

      Sounds like you've covered a lot of the fitness areas already. Great list by the way.
      8Theresa Gould
      Me too.
        I wish ... I wish that fitness equated in my deliveries! i had 3 c-sections... the first was an emergency c section and the other two were due to complications with the births! I have tried for natural births each time to no avail! My doctor was so supportive in my quest but alack it was not in the cards!

        i do believe that fitness would def play a part in a great pregnancy and delivery. I do have to say that exercising during pregnancy made me feel wonderful and uplifted. Just rising early to take a walk around the block would kick start my day!
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