Pregnancy Symptoms...

So I honestly haven't had many pregnancy symptoms at all.. sometimes I feel blessed, sometimes it makes me anxious to know if everything is okay in there.. but goodness, it will all happen how it's supposed to, right?

(Jessica??) :)

Anyways.. I decided to check in on Week 15 Progress.. that is where I technically am at.. and to my surprise.. the 3 new symptoms that popped up are dead on... excited? odd? who knows!

1 nosebleeds! nothing gushing, but a bloody nose for sure

2 heartburn/indigestion.. it has happened a time or two

3 frisky! let's just leave it at that :)

4 swollen gums.. I haven't really had this one actually

Have any of you experienced these symptoms?

Moms Expertise
    Mag, your body is changing - and it's amazing to watch this process... Even with swollen gums and nosebleeds (think it was because of pressure)!
    I cant wait to feel the same - it'll mean I'm pregnant!))
      8Theresa Gould
      Yes, I believe I've experienced them all. :)
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            Really nosebleeds and swollen gums? I guess I was fortunate enough to not have any really bad symptoms!
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