How do you deal with sibling rivalry?

This is a tough one for me because we do have a little bit of sibling rivalry going on and we've heard that it can stem from playing favorites. We try hard not to play favorites but when one strong-willed child is making bad choices and getting into trouble more than another child who is compliant and not getting into trouble, it's not the compliant child's fault and it isn't because we love the one less and the other more. Yet it seems like the strong-willed child takes it like that because "they are always in trouble" and the other child is not. And of course we are going to prefer the company of the compliant child over the strong-willed child who seems to be begging for an argument. However, I do not know how to break the seemingly vicious cycle. Part of me wonders if the strong-willed child just needs to be heard or if they need more one on one time or if they are just misinterpreting circumstances. It is very hard to discern and we are struggling through this kind of thing with a couple of our children.

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    Good question, Mandi! I know we have certain ones that will bug others just for a reaction or because they are "bored". I tend to give one particular child who is old enough to know better something to do aka more work! Here's me: "If you don't have anything better to do than bug your siblings, I'll give you something to do go....water the garden, muck out the stalls, check the waterers, feed the......" The good thing about living on a farm is there's always work to do! ;) For a certain little one, I make them sit and do nothing for bugging.

    I bet we do play favorites and the children pick up on it. There's no other way to explain it and it's definitely something to figure out.
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