Food Allergies (or chemical sensitivities in our case) and Children

We do not have allergies per se, but we do have chemical sensitivities in some of our children. A huge part of the reason we became organic farmers was to raise our own food because feeding a family of ten all organic is very expensive!

Our children feel better when we eat an organic, all natural diet. We started cutting out white sugar, preservatives and food colorings when our oldest was six and started using organic wheat, oats etc. because we discovered our girls were less hyper in doing so.

As our girls have become older they have learned what their bodies will "accept" and what it won't. One daughter can only have 3-4 marshmallows in her hot chocolate before she knows she'll get a migraine. We found a natural marshmallows recipe but have yet to try it.

Another daughter discovered going off gluten made her feel tons better and we are still working on that.

We buy as much organic as possible and are trying to raise the rest.

We also use all natural/organic personal care products as much as we can as well due to skin sensitivities.

I empathize with parents of children with serious food allergies because the rest of the world can be quite ignorant and insensitive about these kinds of allergies.

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    I empathize with them as well, Theresa. I actually work for an allergist.. and we have a food allergy specialist on staff that is AMAZING! Her own daughter has life threatening peanut allergies.. thus, it has become her life's mission to advocate and help! I have learned so much about food allergies, intolerances, dealing with it all, being diagnosed, treated, learning to live in general. No one can pin point WHY, but food allergies are definitely on the rise.
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