Baby proof your house

I did the following:
1. Moved all plants off the floor, because many are poisonous.

2.Moved sharp objects away from "high traffic" areas.

3.Replaced all sockets with childproof sockets.

4.Kept cleaning supplies in a high cabinet rather than under the sink. If you put dangerous products under the sink, use a child-proof lock on the
cabinet door.

5.Did not use magnets on the refrigerator. They can fall down and your baby could swallow one.

And some general advises based on my observations:

1.Don't place furniture near windows.

2.Never leave water standing in the bath, the sink or even a bucket. Babies can drown in very little water.

3.Make sure there is no way your baby might accidentally lock themselves in the bathroom.

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    8Theresa Gould
    It's so important to look at your home from the eye view of a baby.
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