NIPPLE SHMIPPLE - Nipple confusiion terrified me...

Early in my first's two weeks, his uber hippy Doctor that smelled like Kale saw me give him a pacifier and nearly s**t himself. "NO" he yelled at me... he won't take your breast now!!!

What???? Being a new mom, I immediately felt awful and scared... and thought I broke my baby... He will never eat from me again... terrified me...

UNTIL.. later after nursing, he was crying and Last resort, I put a pacifier in his mouth and he took to it right away and an hour later guess what Granola man? He took my boob too!!!! And we swapped back n forth daily, hourly.. AND gave him a bottle... with different nipples on BOTH... HA!!!!

SO, I guess the "fear" here... is that the baby uses it's mouth a certain way for a bottle, breast and pacifier... Fine... it's not rocket science baby... it's not like I gave him a straw or a sippee cup and was like, figure out little man, I'm going for a smoke..

They ARE different, yes. But um... They're all still.. nipples... ish... right? How different could they be?

I get it... you want the baby to latch on, that's your priority... I get it.. maybe I'm TOO loosey goosey here... But, if this is a fear of yours, relax a little... I say, give them a couple different ones after the frist couple of weeks... they are ingrained with the ability to's in their DNA... their babyness... it's what they DO... My kids never had a problem with any of them.. it sometimes took them a second to figure the new nipple out... which is ADORABLE by the way... after a bottle or nursing my son and then giving him a pacifier, it would literally shoot out sometimes at first, with a little sound like he hucked a sunflower seed into a jar or some tobacco...But, he go it within seconds...

YES... some babies may have trouble.. yes, I could (most likely) be wrong... There are different baby mouths and tongue sizes and palate stuff going on, with that little connecter gum piece under their tongues that could be too short or too long that could prevent them from taking to any and all nipples..

But, in short... I was way more confused than either of my kids were...

Still. am...

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    8Theresa Gould
    I worried about nipple confusion too. I did try giving our oldest a bottle with breast milk and I think the flow of it was either too slow or too fast at the time. We didn't do pacifiers.
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