Kids in School the Silence is Deafening

Day two of school and the first day all by myself. My husband was sweet enough to stay with me yesterday for moral support but today he had to work and both kids are gone. While my daughter is only gone for 3 hours it is still difficult to come home without them and to walk through the house with no sounds of toys and cartoons.

I think what has my stomach in knots the most is that I have to leave them with people I don't know. While I have met their teachers and I trust them to watch over my kids I still hate the fact of not having that ability to be there 24/7.

My mom being the wise woman that she is :) Told me that, "that is a feeling that will not go away. Regardless, if your kids are 2 or soon to be 29 you will continue to worry about them until the day you die. It is a part of the job description, and you wouldn't change jobs for the world. You just have to trust that what you teach them will carry on when they are away from you. When they get married you have to then trust that the person they have chosen to spend the rest of their life with will care for them when they sick or in pain and it will still be hard."

While I cannot even think of my two getting married I know what she is saying. Who ever said being a mom or even a parent is easy it is not by any means easy. I usually can handle different jobs and responsibilities with ease but being a parent is one of the most nerve wracking, heartbreaking, exciting, amazing experiences I could ever have.

How are you coping having both or one child in school for the first time?

Kids in School the Silence is Deafening
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