Baby teeth

My son got his first two when he was about 6 month of age. His teeth tended to come in two’s. By the time my son celebrated his first birthday he got 6 teeth. I used teething gel and teething necklaces to sooth his gums. We had no fever or liquid stool or other symptoms.

Here is the basic teething timeline:

5-7 months: The first 2 central incisors (cutters), those cute front and center teeth, typically the bottoms ones arrive first shortly followed by the top

8-9 months: the second set, on top of central incisors

1 year: the two lateral upper incisors – right on either side of the 2 that arrived first for a grand total of about 6 teeth during the first year shortly followed by the bottom incisors

Pause: yes, thank goodness, both parents and baby may get a little teething break.

In some rare cases, kids are born with one or two teeth or have a tooth emerge within the first few weeks of life. Unless the teeth interfere with feeding or are loose enough to pose a choking risk, this is usually not a cause for concern.

Now he is 10, and he is loosing his teeth, which is much worse because my son is always afraid to swallow his teeth:)

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