Getting ready for baby with no family around

When I got married I moved 1600 miles away from all the family and friends I knew for the first almost 24 years of my life. It was hard but they were always only a phone call away. So I had get ready for my babies with no family but my husband and his family around. I had the telephone to ask my mom questions and I read lots of books. Plus my mom and another friend came out for my first baby and a couple of others. But my husband I figured things out together.

I think without family right there, I learned to become more dependent on my husband and my husband learned how to be there for me in a way he might not have otherwise done.

Don't get me wrong, it's still hard to be here and my family there. We miss a lot of what goes on in each other's lives and that's never fun but we've adapted to our separate lives.

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    Oh Theresa.. I love this. My family lives 700 miles away and my husband's family isn't super close by either.. (thankful? ha!) But anyways.. we too will be doing a lot or most of it on our own.. granted we have loads of awesome couple friends.. but we are actually really excited about it just being US for the most part. I feel exactly as you explained that it will make us closer.. has already made my husband step up just in the past few months.. I think it will be great to not learn to always depend on others.
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