Traveling with kids

It is a lot of work to travel with kids but despite it all we have enjoyed our family trips and have created a lot of memories.

We pack special travel activities for our children to do in the car.

We stop whenever a child needs a potty break and made it an extended stop for exercise and tiring children out (we packed a soccer ball to kick around). We also traveled with a child's potty seat in case the inevitable happened which it always did - when we were in the middle of no where and it was miles to the next rest stop or gas station! We also tried to space their drinks so they were drinking when we planned to stop or visa versa, planned our stop for when their drinks went through them.

We stopped to sleep at hotels at night.

We packed lots of snacks and food to eat on the road. We saved a dinner out for the way home or for when we got to our destination.

We played eye spy games, counted blue vehicles or green etc.

We let them take little tykes people or fisher price people to play with or army men.

We play lots of music.

We read lots of books, plus let them take their own to look at while we drive.

And I am drawing a blank....what are your tips for traveling with kids?

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