Traveling with an infant

Tip number one: don't do what we did! We traveled from Chicago to Nova Scotia, Canada in like 24 hours (It's a 32-33 hour drive) with a 5 month old. Oy! We never did that again. I think the lack of rest affected my milk supply and none of us were happy with the lack of sleep.

After that wild trip, we took our time. We stopped so I could have proper nursing sessions. We stopped at night so we could get a good rest and took our time rather than rush to get there, as excited as we were it wasn't worth the peace of our family.

I only flew once with an infant and found that a challenge when my son got fussy. I didn't want him to disturb other passengers so I got up to walk him at the back of the plane. He seemed to like the walking. It was hard for me to nurse in public so I never seemed to relax and there's really no where to hide on a plane.

I didn't travel a lot with an infant but I know I learned a lot from those two trips alone to make me want to stay at home with a baby! It's hard traveling with a baby.

What has your experience been when traveling with an infant? Would you do it again?

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    I do remember that some liked traveling at night when baby would normally be asleep.
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