Dealing with fears during pregnancy

Did you have fears during your pregnancy(ies)? How did you deal with them? I really didn't have too many fears, other than normal ones like:

Am I going to be a good mother?
Will I love another child like I did my first?
Will my baby be healthy?

and those kinds of things.

I had more fears after I lost a baby. I feared losing my baby. In my sixth live pregnancy I worried and feared so much I started to have anxiety attacks but didn't quite recognize them as such until after birth. They stopped after I had my baby.

I tried praying and journaling but neither really relieved me of my anxiety. Of course reading can sometimes make things worse depending on what was read.

Relaxing really didn't help. I know I was extra careful my last few pregnancies physically for fear of doing anything to lose a baby again.

So what does help?

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    I had huge fears.. Fears that what I did before I knew I was pregnant would do something. The feta I ate four months in, what if the baby was missing a limb or an eye or was deaf or was dead??? It was awful... I wanted to KNOW...I wanted to be certain, I wanted to be prepared!!! Some how...
    And then, my Doctor said something to me... That is was now "out of my hands.".. Whether you take that spiritually, or karmically or whatever you believe in. I took it as "everything is as it should be." My faith made me relax, and trust that whatever was going in there was going to go on in there... My LACK of control... made me relinquish control.
    SO I know the feeling and all I can say, is find your faith and let yourself be happy.
    Can I be so bold as to answer these questions for you??? :)

    Something would have come up to tell you otherwise...Chances ARE on your side, your baby is perfectly healthy... if there are issues.. you will manage... But I feel your baby is great!

    What is it you feel drawn to do differently? If it's nothing really, then yes... Everything IS as it should be... with you... Stay healthy, stay positive...

    YES!!! LABOR WILL SUCK!! lol.. and painful beyond belief... BUT... something happens win a woman... they handle it... you deal with manage it... you will NOT be destroyed or crushed BY it... And it will PASS... Not sure if you will do pain or epidural... But regardless, expect it to hurt, know it will be painful but KNOW that you got this.

    NOPE... You won't do what the heck you are doing... I STILL don't know what I'm doing... But you read and learn and take everything with a grain of salt knowing that YOU were made to be a mother... and to give birth...

    Overwhelmed ALL the time? ...NOPE... there will be times... yes, where you're pretty sure you're f'ing everything up... and can't please your baby, but you will be surprised how well you DO... Being overwhelmed isn't a bad thing, it's an emotion when we hit a place of uncertainty and exhaustion... Take a breath and a moment...

    You will sleep again... but in fragments... in hourly phases... even when they're older and in their own bed,... you are alert in a second.. I don't think I've hit REM in 9 years... but again.. you will find your pace...

    MEG!!!! YOu are going to be great!! I just know it...
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