Can you find clarity in chaos?

I often wonder if other women are like me.. in that to function REALL well, in all aspects of my life.. a clean house and organized house make it so much better. I find myself even throwing in the towel when the house is a hot mess, laundry is piled up and things haven't been cleaned in a few days.. it makes me unmotivated, sluggish, and not happy. Obviously I need to either get over this before becoming a Mom.. or learn how to deal with it better.

How do you all deal with the day to day? When you don't get it all done? When sometimes there are not enough hours in the day? When you just don't feel like sweeping, dusting or cleaning things up 24/7?

Perhaps it's due to the long and rather emotionally draining funeral weekend I just had... but this Monday is kicking my booty... and I want my booty back! :)

    8Theresa Gould
    I know I've had to learn to let it go. It's still hard but when chaos is reigning, and it often does in a household of ten with a barnyard of animals! Sometimes I just have to step back and take some time off to be honest. Just to read or watch some TV. Other times I have to let work slide to catch up on the house stuff. All my children are at various stages of learning to do things and while the girls (my three teens) are getting there, they still do not clean the way I do and sometimes I just have to do it myself and get a thorough cleaning done.

    I think if you were at all close to your cousin you have to allow yourself to grieve - that might mean letting the cleaning go for right now. Grief is different from person to person and it often comes in waves.

    Hugs! You'll get your booty back....
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