CRY BABY! Can you learn the different cries?

One method I have been so into learning is the Dunstan Baby Language.. basically learning your baby's different cries to resolve the issue, remedy it and make life go on as it should :) Have you heard of this method? In a nutshell.. you listen closely to the word/noise they are making.

Neh - means hungry. If you hear your baby making a "neh" or "nah" sounds, it more than likely means they want to eat!

Owh - hello, I am tired! If you hear your baby making an "owh" sound or looking like a yawn while doing the cry.. it typically means, to bed I go!

Eh - means burp me, Mom! Sometimes this "eh" noise is repetitive.. so listen closely!

Eairh - hello, I am gassy! It can also sound like "air" as well. This sound mainly happens due to gas.. so hearing the "eairh" should come easy over time. Also, if you miss the "eh" catch sound.. you might shift into "eairh" :)

Heh - means uncomfortable! This can be when the baby is too cold, too hot, or even needs a nappy changed! Listen closely for "heh" or "hah" as well.

Have you ever tried to zone into the Dunstan Method? I am very intrigued and have hopes to try it out.. couldn't hurt, right? :)

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          This lady is spending way too much time with babies.
          I think Mara is right, learn your own babies sounds... you learn them very quickly and the "Heh" and "Meh" and all those...though I agree the babies are similar... I think that what one's mom "Meh" could be another's mom "Eh"...
          OMG.. I just laughed out loud.. sorry.. when I really became conscious of what O'm writing.. I mean, it sounds ridiculous.. right? "One babies meh is another neh..."WHAaaat thee he... is going on here... My mother and Grandmother would roll their eyes and walk off mumbling "a book/CD to tell what your baby's cry means"...
          Don't get me wrong.. this is something I too read about and saw on line 5-8 years back... But, this for ME, falls under the parenting book category of over parenting and how it's just another gimmick to get you to either buy or feel horrible that you don't know your babies cries...
          There will be days that you know EXACTLY what they need.. and there will be many more days when you feel like you've failed in every way possible...

          Sorry. I don't mean this to come across hard... Or make me look harsh... I'm actually enjoying this conversation...
            Oh Jessica you are fine! You don't sound harsh at all.. you sound like the voice of reason to a lil lady who has yet to have her baby :) I, like you did 5 years ago, just found it interesting and somewhat enlightening.. the idea of it all.. just being tuned in a I think. And your... "meh could sound like their neh or heh" makes me laugh too :) Wait until February.. I bet my "meh's and heh's and eh's" make me want to cry! hahaha
              Melissa Middleton
              It took me a few months but I was able to determine the different cries my son displays. If some mothers have trouble, this may help them learn, who knows? :)
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