Stress.. How do you deal?

I have recently had a rather stressful household/pet/being baby proactive issue in my life. It also in involves my in-laws.. lucky me, right?

Anyways.. the basis is.. I know I cannot be stressed, it's not healthy while expecting. So I need tips on how to let things go, de-stress, cope..

Give them to me ladies! What helps you?

    For me massage and aurveda is the way to destress... But the best way is nature. Being on the nature - doesnt metter forest, sea side or just river - always helps me alot.
    Mag, did you have a babymoon?
    In continuing - I was out the city last weekend and now have a feeling like I was on the luxury resort. But actually it was only country house of my friends without any facilities))
    Hope you'll have at least few days for nature)

    I didnt have babymoon - just because I dont have kids yet) But I'm also dreaming about it)).
      8Theresa Gould
      I agree, a walk would probably do wonders to clear you head of the situation. I also journal.
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